Welcome to Ignite Golf, Australia’s #1 Golf lesson booking and management system.

We have been connecting golfers with the best PGA instructors around the country for over 10 years.

If you are looking to find a friendly venue to start having golf lessons or find an Instructor that will suit your needs, Ignite golf gives you access to the best venues and PGA instructors available.

Registration is FREE and once completed allows you the freedom to choose a venue, a PGA Instructor and book your golf lesson online. No phone calls, no waiting, No fuss!

Join as an Ignite member and get your own swing locker, enabling your instructor to upload your swing to your account for you to compare and analyse at home.

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Ignite Golf membership provides you with a unique “swing locker” that your Instructor can load your golf swings from your lessons into.

This “Swing locker can then be accessed by you at home, allowing you to compare your swings over time or against our list of professional swings.

The Swing locker is a fantastic tool to allow you to get the most from your golf lessons.

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Ignite Golf has partnered with Teed up golf tours to provide our Ignite visitors and members with unique opportunities to test what you have learned at vary golf destinations around the world.

Whether you want to go to the US Masters or the British Open or enjoy a weekend away in Tassie playing Barnbougle and Lost Farm, Ignite golf and Teed up will have a package to suit your needs.

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Tour Edge XCG6.

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